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Specialist Paint Effects and Interior Design

Specialist Paint Effects

If you love the look of natural products such as wood, stone and marble, but it simply isn’t practical or cost-effective to use the genuine materials, we can give you the look you want simply through creative use of paint.

Whatever look you want for your interior, Roberta Gordon-Smith can create it using specialist paint effects, including:

Wood Graining, Wood Washes, Dragging, Distressing, Antiquing, Lime Waxing, Marbling, Clouding, Spattering, Patterned, Glazework, Colour Washes, Rubbed Off Plaster, Faux Effects, Faux Finishes, Broken Colour Effects, Craquellure and Decoupage

Experienced paint effect specialists, we can create the paint effect you want on your walls, ceilings, furniture and other surfaces – even MDF.

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